Nitrome Platform

Numerous opportunities to change patients’ lives

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Our proprietary NITROME Platform leverages our unique knowledge of protein nitration to unlock the full therapeutic potential of nitrases by identifying novel nitrases, their nitro-substrates and their role in particular diseases. The NITROME platform allows us to elucidate the biology of nitrases and delivers novel therapeutics for a wide variety of diseases.

A key example of the power of our NITROME platform is our discovery of Synuclein Nitrase (the specific synuclein nitration enzyme). This represents a significant scientific breakthrough that provides an ideal therapeutic target to halt Parkinson’s disease (PD). The buildup of aggregated alpha-synuclein is a hallmark of PD. These synuclein aggregates are heavily nitrated and this nitration strongly induces neurodegenerative disease in preclinical models, promoting neuronal death.

We have identified and are advancing small molecule inhibitors of Synuclein Nitrase for the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease.

Given the pervasive and common pathology of nitration, Nitrase Therapeutics is advancing programs in other therapeutic areas where nitrases and nitro-substrates play a role in disease establishment or progression, including acute lung injury, lung fibrosis, oncology and autoimmune diseases.

Based on the breadth of nitrases and nitro-substrates that Nitrase Therapeutics has discovered to-date, the pipeline and potential collaboration opportunities across therapeutic areas is vast.